Special MESH filters keep water out and let sound in
For maximum experience during water sports. Speech clarity is preserved. Medical grade buoyant ear tips. Extra pair of full block water and wind filters included.

• For a carefree experience during water sports
• Designed to prevent large amounts of water into the ear canal
• Extra set of full block filters included
• Soft medical grade ear tips in 2 sizes
• Blocks water whilst situational awareness is preserved
• Reduce the risk of ear infection and surfer’s ear



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Product Features

Situational awareness
Retained spatial hearing and sound directionality, preserves situational awareness.

Ventilation of the ear
The open structure of the filter allows air into the ears.

Comfort fit
Ear tips of medical grade material.

Natural hearing
Advanced acoustic filters provide natural sound transfer.

Package Includes

2 ear tips large
Nominal diameter: 7-12 mm
Colour: Grey transparant
Material: Medical TPE

2 ear tips medium
Nominal diameter: 6-11 mm
Colour: Grey transparant
Material: Medical TPE

2 MESH filters &
2 water blockers

Dimensions: Ø 6.5 x 3.5 mm
Colour MESH filters:
Light blue transparant
Colour water blockers:

1 storage pouch
Dimensions: 60 x 45 mm
Colour: Black