Crescendo is a brand name of Dynamic Ear Company BV (DEC).
DEC is the inventor of Ambient Hearing Protection which is,
among others, sold under the Crescendo brand.

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High-end MESH filters reduce loud sound and noise while keeping
relevant sound and speech, therefore retaining situational awareness and

Medical grade TPE ear tips

Our ear tips are made of a medical grade TPE. This
material is designed to meet the strict requirements
of medical devices for use in the human body and are
free from PVC, phthalates, BPA, latex and oil, offering a
safer and more comfortable replacement for materials
such as silicone, flexible PVC and Polyurethane.

100% Quality check

We guarantee the performance of your Hearing
Protection as we carried out a 100% final acoustical test
on the filters. When correctly fitted you can be certain
that you will receive the protection level as stated on
the packaging.


Crescendo Hearing Protection complies with PPE
regulation EU 2016/425, developed and manufactured
to ISO 9001:2015 at our certified production facilities in
the Netherlands.

ECO friendly packaging

Packaging manufactured from FSC® certified paper
and produced CO₂ neutral in the Netherlands.

Dynamic Ear Company

Crescendo is a brand of Dynamic Ear Company B.V.
Dynamic Ear Company B.V. develops and manufactures
innovative hearing protection, personal audio and
sound management solutions for industry, military,
leisure and musicians

Sonova Group

Dynamic Ear Company is part of the Sonova group.
Sonova is a global leader in innovative hearing care
solutions: from personal audio devices and wireless
communication systems to audiological care services,
hearing aids, cochlear implants and hearing protection