Good night’s sleep by damping snoring
and ambient noise.

Special MESH filters keep alarm signals audible. Ear tips made of very soft medical grade material. Suitable for side sleepers. Easy to clean.

• Special MESH filters reduce sound, keep alarm signals audible
• Comfortable, suitable for side sleepers
• Soft medical grade ear tips in 2 sizes
• Appropriate attenuation for a good night’s sleep
• Filters allow air into the ears preventing perspiration
• Hygienic, washable and reusable



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Product Features

Sound reduction
Helps to prevent hearing damage by reducing sound to safer levels.

Ventilation of the ear
The open structure of the filter allows air into the ears.

Comfort fit
Ear tips of medical grade material.

Situational awareness
Retained spatial hearing and sound directionality, preserves situational awareness.

Package Includes

2 ear tips large
Nominal diameter: 7-12 mm
Colour: Grey transparant
Material: Medical TPE

2 ear tips medium
Nominal diameter: 6-11 mm
Colour: Grey transparant
Material: Medical TPE

2 MESH filters
Dimensions: Ø 6.5 x 3.5 mm
Colour: Blue

1 storage pouch
Dimensions: 60 x 45 mm
Colour: Black