The latest in filtered sound technology

Simply press play.
Move the cursor from the DYNAMIC ear filter to the tube filters and then the foam earplugs.
Experience the very latest in filtered sound. The difference is clear. Life is better with a filter.

-15 dB

Full sound clarity, full music dynamic – and you still get to hear the conversations around you. Little wonder our filters have been the go-to solution for professional musicians and concert goers for decades.

Sound values

Tube filters

Time to leave behind earplugs wit tube-shaped resistive filters. Tube filters tend to have low attenuation in the bass which can be harmful to hearing. As the attenuation is not linear, it does not give a natural musical experience.

Sound values

Foam earplugs

The idea of foam earplugs is to ensure maximum attenuation and the ears are virtually sealed off. However, this ensures poor music perception in addition to very poor wearing comfort.

Sound values