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Five sets of specially developed high-quality acoustic filters in one! This superlative filter set includes our 15dB (low), 20dB (moderate) and 25dB (high) MEMBRANE filters as well as our patented Peak Noise filters and a set of Full Block filters. Whether it involves a music concert, a good night’s sleep or protecting your children’s ears, you are guaranteed unparalleled hearing protection and perfect sound attenuation for all situations.

Also includes four sets of medical-grade TPE ear tips (S, M, L, XL), neck cord, travel pouch and storage box.


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3 reviews for Full pack

  1. Maaike

    Don’t waste your money buying any other earplugs! I’ve tried so many different brands to protect my ears at loud music venues, but the clarity and quality of sound with these earplugs are second to none. The clever packaging, which doubles as a storage for the filters and ear tips, is a delight in itself. I like that the ear tips come in various sizes, so they fit perfectly just inside my ears. The Full Block filters are a lifesaver for a good night’s sleep, especially in a busy city like mine. These are, without a doubt, the best earplugs I’ve ever used.

    Maaike van Eijk

  2. Bianca

    Best brand ever used! The pluggs are comfertable to the ear. The -25db for sleep are the best. And I tested the Peak Noise Filter for fireworks. Love it!

  3. Jessica.

    ‘Just can’t get enough’ One of the famous songs, sung by Depeche Mode in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam last February 8th. With the perfect fitting (small) ear tips and -15dB Dynamic Ear Filters, I just couldn’t get enough 😃 of the music. The sound was still great and -very convenient- some screaming ladies around me less annoying! Next concert with these filters? Definitely!

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