Special MESH filters

Crescendo Hearing Protection is invented to overcome the
problem of muffled sound perception and reduced situational
awareness as experienced with other hearing protection solutions
using simple resistive tube filters. High-end Mesh filters reduce
loud sound and noise while keeping relevant sound and speech,
therefore retaining situational awareness and communication.

Crescendo is a brand name of Dynamic Ear Company BV (DEC). DEC is the
inventor of Ambient Hearing Protection which is, among others, sold under the
Crescendo brand.

Using our patented mesh technologies combined with a large inlet aperture
and high-frequency catcher technology, users retain full situational and
spatial awareness. Speech perception is even improved, especially in loud

Standard foam filters: Average sound quality, attenuates mostly high frequencies

Standard tube filters: Average sound quality, attenuates mostly high frequencies.

MESH filters: Very good sound quality, attenuates low and high frequencies more equally.